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As well as the amazing Holistic Massage and Beauty treats, Pamper experiences, Workshops and Classes you can enjoy at Angel-Oh! you can now also enjoy the professional experience of Hannah Brown and Marie Mongan Hypno-Birthing.

HypnoBirthing® with Hannah Brown

Massage Somerset, Beauty Somerset
Maternity Somerset

HypnoBirthing® is the original birth education programme produced by Marie Mongan.


Its philosophy is that childbirth is a normal function, after all birthing is what women have been especially designed to do! With this is mind HypnoBirthing® believes that birth can be accomplished gently and calmly.The programme teaches the impact fear has on birthing and simple yet extremely effective self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques plus much much more that will help relieve any fears or tension therefore allowing you to birth your baby as nature intended. 

To book Hypno-Birthing® with Hannah

please call 07786-867-629

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