Undoubtedly the best massage you are ever going to have. 

Have your tensions eased and your energy uplifted with this heaven-sent massage using a blend of Swedish, Shiatsu, Hands-Free techniques and blending the use of Hot Stone, Bamboo and Bellabaci Cupping technique where needed.

At Angel-Oh! each massage is tailored to your needs that day, you will never receive the same treatment twice.

Angel-Oh! Tailored Heavenly Holistic Massage

  • Before this heavenly massage in the dreamy Spa your therapist will offer you a choice of massage oil based on your energies and feelings at the time. Using a blend of Swedish, Shiatsu and Hands-Free techniques you will feel positively dreamy.

    After Your Massage
    Try not to have anything planned after your visit. The longer your body has to reap the benefits of your massage the better. Remember to drink plenty of water. Your massage will have kick-started an elimination of toxins from your system, and the more water you drink, the more diluted your lymph will be, and then it's easier for your system to cleanse.

    To book this treatment please call 07531-634-198 or get in touch via the contacts page.

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