This beautiful Spa setting in Somerset is the perfect location for this thoroughly relaxing series of workshops.  

Classes will start with an introduction to the coming Equinox led by Yoga teacher Charlotte Bolton, she will explain the way in which the energy that surrounds this time of year can affect us all, and how we can prepare and make the most of it through food, yoga and earth centred awareness. The second part of the course is led by Adele, who will teach you about Tibetan Meditation 'Shamatha' meditation practices - these practices teach the skill of looking at the mind and letting go of unnecessary mental activity. Once we learn to calm the mind, we can bring this calm more and more into our daily lives. These techniques help us to live more mindfully, enabling us to:
Let go of thought about the past and the present and be in the moment.
Make sensible decisions about what we expect of ourselves and what is most important to us
Let go of the extra things that we no longer need to clutter our mind and life with
Move forward with focus to discover our potential in all areas of our life
Have a better understanding of the nature of the human mind and it’s potential for information overload
Have a better understanding of, and more empathy with others.
You will come away from the session with take-home practices that can be incorporated into your day should you wish to develop a meditation practice.

Equinox Energy and Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

  • Sessions include tea and seasonal refreshments.

    Session 1 - Friday 20th June 2014 10am - 1pm
    Session 2 - Friday 19th September 2014 10am - 1pm
    Session 3 - Friday 19th December 2014 10am - 1pm
    Session 4 - Friday 20th March 2015 10am - 1pm

    Places are limited so please book in advance as there are only 8 spaces available.

    To book please call 07531-634-198 or get in touch via the contacts page.

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