We only use OPI polishes as they are the very best on the market and they put the most amount of effort and research into their products. You will find a wide range of colours in both normal lacquer, Vegan Nature Strong, Infinite Shine, OPI Gelcolor and OPI Powder Pefection. There are over 300 different shades and hues to choose from! If there is something is particular you want but we don't yet stock, we'll get it in for you!

Lacquer, Gel and Acrylic Manicures

  • OPI Gelcolor and Powder Perfection Soak-Off includes: Soak-Off, quick file and buff and a coat of OPI Gel Break Nourishing system. Soak-Off is chargeable however a link to removing your own OPI Gelcolor is available HERE

    Before your Manicure/Pedicure
    Please have your false Gel or Acrylic nail extensions removed professionally before your appointment. Acrylics can be removed at Angel-Oh! but a charge will be made and we will need to know in advance.

    If you have any nail lacquer on you can remove this before your appointment but it's not necessary.

    After your Manicure
    Avoid wearing fluffy or easily shedding clothing when you attend your appointment.

    Your nails will continue to cure after you leave the salon and will reach maximum hardness 48-72 hours post-treatment. For this reason you must be careful not to bash or catch your nails as you can weaken the structure of the nail and you will not get the full effect and longevity.

    If you are having a Lacquer manicure be mindful of your clothing/driving requirements post treatment.

    Avoid wearing gloves for warmth after a lacquer manicure.
    Use rubber gloves for cleaning or when using household chemicals.

    Always avoid using your nails as tools.

    To book any of these treatments please call 07531-634-198 or get in touch via the Facebook page.

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