During an Angel-Oh! Holistic Pedicure your feet will be scrubbed and rubbed and treated with the care they deserve. Using only OPI lacquer, OPI Vegan Nature Strong lacquer and OPI Gelcolor Systems, you can rest and relax knowing your feet are in the BEST hands.

OPI Lacquer Vegan Nature Strong Lacquer and Gelcolor Pedicures

  • The Deluxe Pedicure: This delectable skin drench will leave those moisture zapped toes feeling fab again! Treatment includes a soak in the bubbly foot spa, cuticle work and nail shaping, moisture mask and heated bootie, head and arm massage, foot massage and OPI Lacquer or Gelcolor of your choice. Don't forget to bring Flip Flops if having lacquer!To book any of these treatments please call 07531-634-198 or get in touch via the Facebook page.

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