There's no actual blood or werewolves involved so don't worry! But we can promise skin that boasts immortal youth! Superior SkinPep Wrinkle Clear Collagen Growth Factor and Vitamin C serums and a SkinPep Super Collagen Mask.
This incredible facial includes:
Cleanse: A deep cleansing of the skin using Facial Brush and Steamer.
Roll: Using a micro needle roller to create tiny microholes in the skin to allow for increased collagen production, deeper product penetration and refinement of pigmentation spots and marks.
Activate: Using SkinPep Wrinkle Clear Growth Factor Serum to boost collagen and elastin and enhanced cell renewal.
Hydrate:Application of a Collagen Growth Factor Gel Mask to instantly moisturise and plump, contains humectants to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and also contains 5 clinically proven peptides to support collagen, elastin and cell renewal.
Protect:Using Super C-15 Serum which contains 15% stable Vit C Super Potent Serum which is clinically proven to boost collagen, elastin and repair sun damage, it also lightens and brightens the complexion and gives maximum antioxidant protection.

SkinPep Vampire Facial