This treatment is £60 for your first facial and includes your very own needle roller to take home and use. This facial is then £50 thereafter providing you bring your roller to your next facial appointment.


There's no actual blood or werewolves involved so don't worry! But we can promise skin that boasts immortal youth! Superior SkinPep Wrinkle Clear Collagen Growth Factor and Vitamin C serums and a SkinPep Super Collagen Mask.
This incredible facial includes:
Cleanse: A deep cleansing of the skin using Facial Brush and Steamer.
Roll: Using a micro needle roller to create tiny microholes in the skin to allow for increased collagen production, deeper product penetration and refinement of pigmentation spots and marks.
Activate: Using SkinPep Wrinkle Clear Growth Factor Serum to boost collagen and elastin and enhanced cell renewal.
Hydrate:Application of a Collagen Growth Factor Gel Mask to instantly moisturise and plump, contains humectants to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and also contains 5 clinically proven peptides to support collagen, elastin and cell renewal.
Protect:Using Super C-15 Serum which contains 15% stable Vit C Super Potent Serum which is clinically proven to boost collagen, elastin and repair sun damage, it also lightens and brightens the complexion and gives maximum antioxidant protection.

SkinPep Vampire Facial