Enjoy a 15 minute deluxe sauna followed by a shower and the Warm Bamboo Massage of your choice.

In the interests of health and hygiene you will need to wear slippers/flip flops and a robe while enjoying your Spa experience.

Towels, Gowns and Slippers are provided.

Spa Blissful Warm Bamboo Massage

  • What a treat! Added luxury to what already is a fantastic experience at this beautiful vintage inspired Boutique Spa in Somerset.

    After Your Massage
    Try not to have anything planned after your visit. The longer your body has to reap the benefits of your massage the better. Remember to drink plenty of water. Your massage will have kick-started an elimination of toxins from your system, and the more water you drink, the more diluted your lymph will be, and then it's easier for your system to cleanse.

    To book this treatment please call 07531-634-198 or get in touch via the contacts page.

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