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So the venues are set, the hand-fasting is sorted and by some small miracle I managed to secure a registrar! What actually happened is that in my excitement I TOTALLY forgot that this needed to happen! Luckily Shepton registry office had one slot available which was the slot we had booked for Rook Lane! How lucky was that! Bearing in mind I dint get this booked in until around 8 weeks before the wedding!

So drama out the way I can get on with telling you about all the beautiful decor and flowers!

Another stroke of luck was having the GENIUS mind of my new in-laws cousin Ann Taylor at my disposal to help with the flowers - and I don't know where I would have been without her. She is insanely talented, patient and generous to a fault. The day wouldn't have been half of what it was without her incredible hard work!

I wanted a soft vintage romantic theme with accents of lace, cream, gold, pink and green.

We used vintage pink roses, honesty, pom-pom dahlias, sage, wheat, and greenery from the garden.

She made aisle markers which we reused in the adjoining walkway tent from the barn to the marquee, two HUGE plinth pieces made of mainly greenery for the civil ceremony which also doubled as decoration in the barn, beautiful wall hangings, and table decorations which we also made use of at Rook Lane in the windows.

We also had a table piece for the signing of the register which doubled up as our head table decoration and we managed between us to source a s**t load of pampas grass which we had in metal milk churns in the barn.

For my bouquets I again was fortunate enough to have a very talented friend who makes 'Forever Bouquets' from very high quality silk flowers and charms. This way the bridesmaids and I could keep them forever and I am SO grateful for this.

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