All Things Bride and Beautiful - The Dancing

We had our first dance to 'You Make It Easy' by Air from their 'Moon Safari' album. It was the soundtrack to our time travelling in India... It was quickly followed by 'My Girl' by The Temptations for a dance with my dad.

Part of the reason we chose to have our reception at Penny Square Barn is because, as long as we were respectful, the party afterwards could go on a long as we wanted it to, and it did.

The music was supplied courtesy of BRSS (The Bridgwater Reggae Sound System) and the boys did so much to accommodate us.

One of the key players was a groomsman and kindly also provided us with some log candles which looked exquisite as the sun started to go down and we welcomed in the evening guests.

I changed it a sequin mini dress and the party rocked on until the sun came up!

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