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A Busy Halloween Mummy

Halloween - my kids absolutely love it! Despite being terrified of anything loud, plastic, witch flavoured or spooky!. I love to get into it, this year however, I concentrated my efforts into being mega organised for the day and didn't leave myself anytime to really enjoy the festivities.

Our version of Adventure Time pumpkin carvings

I started my day by getting up, dressed and ready for work, getting the girls ready, fed and off to school. I then came home, prepared dinner in the slow cooker (my dad would kill me for doing this but I made Turkey Meatball Marinara - don't do it - i was trying to be healthy and it backfired, when it comes to Italian cooking - NO SUBSTITUTES- its disgusting - beef mince all the way!) had my own breakfast and then started work.

My beautiful home spa room ready for my first client

I did two beautiful facials and a long over-due full body massage, gave the dog a quick walk and then hit the gym for an hour. I did a great work-out which included some bicep curls, 30 minutes on the cross trainer and some floor abs exercises. I neglected to take a pic of this to prove I actually did do it but i promise I did! So say 'hi' to generic gym girl below - I WISH I looked that cool!

After that I went to school to pick the girls up, got them home did their reading, got them into their costumes (greedily and stupidly carb loaded as I hadn't had a chance to eat since breakfast) and finished the rest of dinner off. We then sat down to eat with my friend and her son, cleared up and then went trick or treating around the close that we live on.

A scary dead knight and a spooky witch

The kids had a great time despite my youngest being absolutely scared to death of a sensor activated witch who started laughing with red glowing eyes as my daughter stopped in front of it! After that we parted ways with my friend and her son, I got the girls bathed and into bed, had a shower myself and then settled in to watch a film, by which time it was 9pm!

A truly crazy day and on reflection I should have left more time to have fun.

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