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A Little Bit of Vintage

If you are new to Angel-Oh! or to me this will all be new information, but if you know me, you will know that this is the sort of thing that really rocks my boat, flicks my switch and any other saucy analogies you can thing of 'euphamised' to being turned on by old furniture! Ok, now that I have written it down it sounds weird, but if you are a furniture or antique lover, you will get what I mean! So I though I would share with you a few of my favourite pieces that I have held onto over the years

Re-Furbished French Oak Roll Top Bureau

This little beauty entered our lives FOR FREE and in pieces from a colleague of my husband. Joe spent ages stripping it back as it had a heavy dark varnish on it. We have had it for about 4 years now and we love ii! It takes up so much space though!

Now let me introduce you to My favourite large item in our house, my beloved dresser. I bought this for a bargain of £65 from Clifford's Antique and Furniture Warehouse at Rookery Farm in Somerset. It was unfinished and I took it away that day (hence the bargain!). It had been primed and decoupage applied to the handles. When i got it home I applied a gold furniture wax to the Art Deco footings and painted the whole piece in cream chalk paint. It's glorious.

Old oak telephone table with lift up stoarage

This was yet another great find at Clifford's. This old oak telephone table was only £25. I had intended to paint and decoupage it but I have grown quite fond of it as it is. The storage box goes along the length of the table with a hinged flat to open. It neatly stores away our router and landline phone and holds my Lamp and flowers perfectly!

Pair of gold sconce

I bought this pair of beauties at auction for a bargain price of £20. I'll admit I wasn't present for the auction, I left a bid on them (I don't trust myself to stop at my limit!). They are quite heavy and metal although I suspect the little platforms are painted wood. Regardless of that, they are stunning and make a real impression in our downstairs spare bedroom where they frame a mirror on the wall.

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