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An All American Election

Okay, so I couldn't stand by and not publicly have my say so here it is:

I don't think I could have been happy even if the vote swung the other way? Was she the lesser of two evils? Or just as bad. She has proven to be underhanded and sly, she has shown she can be bought by the ruling families and has bought silence on that front too.

Hillary only appealed more to 'us' because she spoke our language used rhetoric we related to. Trump appealed to the majority of Americans because he spoke 'their' language and used rhetoric they related to (and I am deliberately trying to be polite at what I think about 'them'). So what she's a woman, that automatically means she's equipped to follow the first black president? No.

Today is a sad day.

The only two candidates have been an openly sexist, casually racist billionaire who has hidden his taxes and has as much political knowledge as the people who voted for him and a politically savvy, scheming, lying female who is happy to take handouts and be corrupt. There was no good outcome. It seems the majority of our global western front are closed minded and not evolving at all.

I felt as I did on waking to hear the Brexit vote. We are on self destruct. Instead of running towards each other with open arms, embracing with love and uplifted conscious, we are gathering like a lynch mob ready to take down, destruct and destroy.

Where's Bernie when you need him?

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