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Autumnal Walks

Life has been feeling pretty hectic recently. I know it probably feels like that for most of us, but for me, I have been feeling it a great force. Trying to still cling onto my party days and feeling regretful immediately, working hard, cleaning, cooking, arranging the kids to be where they need to be, walking the dog... Pretty standard stuff really, but the daily schedule just fills right up! And on top of that I like to try to squeeze in some creative work, knitting, crafting, art or sewing. Add into that equation that I INSIST on having ironed bed sheets (yes, I really do this - but it is so worth it - I could write another blog post on this alone - in fact I WILL!) and I soon find that a month has flown by without me even realising.

And on top of trying to be a solid feature in our daughters lives individually as parents, we have to find time to spend time has a family (although a recent article I read - YouTube video here -on the quantum physics split time effect has lead me to question time altogether).

So in a break from the norm of me disappearing to the gym on a Sunday, proceeding to clean the house, Joe cooking and the kids playing on their own we went for a walk to Cranmore Woods, near to Wells, in Somerset. And I am SO glad we did.

The autumnal colours were incredible, and despite my husband and children taking the rampant piss out of me looking for ANY and EVERY opportunity to take a photo, what we saw was simply beautiful.

We luckily had the place mostly to ourselves. Unfortunately the tea room at the Tower was closed as its always lovely to stop and have a natter but we carried on and were rewarded for our efforts.

I felt so happy. My mind felt cleared and my energy lifted. Being reminded that our little family, our small little four, that sits in a small house, in a small corner in England's smallest city actually means the whole world and beyond to me.

Work, worries, money, time... We can get so caught up in the stress of life that we forget to live it. Getting back to nature, reminding yourself what's important, being with children and dogs... its the perfect medicine for when life feels a bit much.

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