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Importance of 1:1

Kids are kids. Always have been, always will be. They are supposed to push boundaries, test us, see how far they can go and learn right from wrong. I don't dispute that at all, but it's still tough to deal with when you aren't sleeping well and feel all your waking time is spent chasing your tale cleaning up after 3 animals, two children and your husband!

So I started thinking that maybe there was something we could do more of, that our girls aren't getting enough of, that would help balance things. So yesterday we took a kid each and went off for a few hours separately. Joe took our eldest to Shepton Sunday Market with some pocket money (so I don't have any pictures of this I'm afraid) and BB and I went for a stroll with a couple of friends and our Dogs to Stockhill Woods, Priddy, near Wells.

The temperature was cold but dry and there was a TON of mud and puddles for the dogs to play in.

We walked off the beaten track and into the woods.

We saw Moss.

And mushrooms.

BB played in muddy puddles

We looked at very tall trees.

And enjoyed the last of the autumn colours before the stark grey countryside landscape takes over until Spring.

Growing up in London I didn't really have an appreciation for the change in the seasons., but now living surrounded by it, I have really gained a sense of 'oneness' and a deep appreciation of all the incredible things that happen in nature.

BB had a wonderful time hunting around for bears and being King. But what surprised me was how therapeutic I found it, just being on my own with her. We spent a lot of time together on our own before she started at school this September and I hadn't realised how much I had missed being on my own and enjoying how wonderfully beautiful and hilarious she is.

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