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Waking Up To Sunrise

Welcome to 2017

What better way to start a New Year than with a post about embracing life, building memories and spending time with the most precious beings in existence. Two days ago I woke my children up when it was still dark, actually, probably still technically night time to some people, and we got dressed, wrapped up warm and went to watch the sunrise, something the children had never done before.

It was a foggy and damp morning and reading about -2 on the temperature gauge in my car. I had absolutely no idea what we would be able to see, if anything. However, Glastonbury Tor is pretty high up and I was hopeful that the effort would pay off, and it did.

I was so proud of the two minis, they were excited about the adventure! We got to Glastonbury at about 6:50am and it was still pitch black but as we started our ascent I could see the pale blue starting to emerge so I was encouraging them to go faster as I didn't want any of us to miss the emergence of the sun on the horizon.

We got SO sweaty and hot climbing up and reached the top in plenty of time to see the most amazing sight. It was like looking out the window of a plane. The fog and mist was settled so perfectly over the landscape, you couldn't see anything towards the sunrise except fog and sky.

There was only about 6 people up there including us, and after we settled down on a blanket and got the hot chocolate out (and started to get cold so stood back up again) we got some fantastic pictures of the rise of a new day.

It felt really significant to be up there with my two beautiful daughters. Encouraging them to do something outside of the norm, experiencing dawn, the cold and darkness turning into beautiful colours, sunlight and warmth.

Here is to many more beautiful sunrises and sunsets with these two perfect little beings.

Happy New Year 2017

Health - Happiness - Love - Success - Peace

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