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Lino Cutting - a new spoke to the Angel-Oh! wheel?

I have always been creative and enjoyed art. I studied it at school but was afraid to continue it into higher education because I didn't think I was good enough.

I tried really heard and in my opinion art is subjective so to have to conflicting teachers at school, one of whom encouraged my work and one of whom detested it, really broke my confidence. So my path took me to University and then onto Massage, Beauty and Body Work which I find extremely fulfilling.

I am always itchy to create though. I took up knitting last year but did it with such gusto I have actually given myself an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in my shoulder! So I have had to put the needles down for a while and started to feel a bit down in the dumps as I didn't have an outlet for artistic urge.

I came across a local lady who runs HA HA Workshops and one Saturday in January spent a day learning a new skill and it has been an addiction ever since! The day was really relaxed but I felt that within the time we had I had HUGE scope to create and play with the tools and materials, there was a great range of inks to print with and there was no limit to what we could create in the time we had as well.

I have now bought myself a set of tools (pfeil) that will last a lifetime and have been spending all of my spare time covering my kitchen table in slivers of lino and printing ink and filling the room with the musky smell of linseed oil.

It's also become a wonderful therapy tool, for when my mind is over-active. I find that sitting for a few hours creating a print, the excitement that follows a cutting session when you finally see it printed and with different colours and layers and playing with the final version is fantastic.

So I thought I would share a few of my creations so far... there are LOADS more to come! Watch this space for an Etsy page selling limited prints and originals!

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