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The convenient and serene location, relaxing decor and first class treatments at Angel-Oh! Holistic Therapies all make your visit a memorable and extremely enjoyable experience.


At Angel-Oh! Holistic Therapies I pride myself on delivering the most up-to-date techniques and products available and commit to undertaking regularly training to make sure you are always receiving the best possible service. All the products used are natural and paraben free. The wax I use is colophony free. I am committed to working with nature and your natural beauty and energy to heal, transform and rejuvenate.


I have made changes to the way I operate to make my practice as environmentally friendly as possible. I only use compostable biodegradable gloves and bags for beauty treatments and we have an onsite hot composter to keep the tissues and couch roll used out of landfill as much as possible. Vegan options are available for most treatments and I am committed to being completely inclusive of all genders and sexualities, you will always be honored and respected here.

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